Later Retirement Years

The Scottish writer Tom Weir exemplified this stage of life when he broke his arm climbing at the age of 85.  Many people would say, "What was he doing rock climbing at 85?" to which he would have replied, "Why not!"


It's a stage where money worries should be the least of your concerns.  Attitude is everything. You might become less mobile, there maybe some health problems but thriving in this period can be more about your attitude than anything else. 


It is a stage of your life where it is important to have the decisions made as to what you want done with your estate. 


One in three people in the UK die without leaving a will and the biggest beneficiary of this is the United Kingdom Treasury.  Each year over £50 million is collected by the Treasury from people who drive without a will (dying intestate).


In addition to this, if you're not still climbing mountains, it would be time to decide who should make decisions for you if you need support.


Power of Attorney allows you to select someone you trust to to make these decisions for you in the future.


You should be well on the way to eliminating the threat of inheritance tax to your estate. A trusted partnership with a financial planner can ensure that your estate goes to whom you want, when you want.

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