The Financial Planning Process

Our process starts with getting to know you, your financial and lifestyle goals. As part of this process we assess your time horizon, your attitude to risk and your cash flow needs. We then assess your existing financial arrangements – salaries, pensions, business assets, savings and investments. We combine the two to form a long-term financial plan, which will outline, in plain English, the actions you need to take.

Money Perspective

We believe in Money Perspective. This means that money should not drive us but should help us achieve the things that are important to us.


This is why a central part to the financial planning process is taking the time to understand what makes our clients tick. A quarter of a century of dealing with clients has taught me that the most important bank that we have is our memory bank of experiences. The richer that is, the happier and more fulfilled we are.



Getting Started

We can arrange the implementation of the plan, finding the right pension, Isa, and investment structure, or explain how you can implement the plan yourself. We may also recommend that you sell out of certain investments, where they are underperforming or unnecessary. Our recommendations ensure that all of your investments are managed in the most tax-efficient and productive way.


We have undertaken extensive due diligence to select reliable partners who will understand the needs of our clients as well as we do.

Keeping in Touch

Once your plan is on track, we will then agree with you how you want us to keep in touch.  We passionately believe that clients need to be able to meet with their adviser every year. The simple fact is that life changes, and that means that “the best laid plans” may also have to adapt.


One of the most important aspects of any financial plan is flexibility, the ability to be moulded and adapted to suit changing circumstances.  Clients' needs and objectives are discussed both during the initial advice process and most importantly during the annual financial review that the vast majority of our clients choose. This allows us to update your plan for any major life changes, such as the birth of a child, marriage, divorce or retirement.


If life needs to adapt we should be able to handle it.


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