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Linda Nairn



Linda started with the Clydesdale Bank in Ayr as a 16 year old straight out of school. The bank at that time was a meritocracy and encouraged her to move through the ranks rapidly. 1988 saw her take up the role of Regional Marketing Coordinator for Dumfries and Ayrshire. In 1990 she was selected to be in a team of 10 people who were appointed to deliver the bank's new policy on customer care from the boardroom through to the local branches.


In 1992 she was appointed to be the manager within the Cathcart branch, one of the youngest managers within the bank at this point. The next two years saw Linda successfully raise the profile of the branch and significantly increase the business generated.


After taking a break to have her children Linda was asked to manage a section of her family’s business and has been involved in this now for 18 years.


It had always been our intention to work together. The combination of Ken's experience as a financial services manager coupled with Linda's as a bank manager was always going to be incredibly useful to the business. In 2007 Linda combined her work with the family business to take over an administration role. In 2009 she took on full office management responsibility for the business.


She spent time as the chairperson of the Doonfoot School Board and as a result of this was asked to take up a training position with the Scottish School Boards Association. This soon became a more significant task with the replacement of School Boards with Parent Councils. Linda spent a number of years travelling the country rolling out these new proposals.


Linda is a past president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Ayr. She was part of the organising committee for the World Congress in Glasgow in 1995, at the time one of the largest conferences that Glasgow had ever hosted as a city.


Outside of business she enjoys family holidays, reading, keep fit and in particular badminton.

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